Emotion/Energy Release Technique

OK so first of all remember even with being enlightened its important to feel all releasing and then emotions on the level that they come from as it is all part of a learning process (yes we are told to shield negativity and such but we must connect to some as its what keeps things balanced being the energy beings we are) With that said once you have felt them it is all about moving back to a Positive Place which is at a Higher Frequency so you can minimize the Negative Low Frequency Energy you are encountering. For myself and people that i guide I use a visual technique which I call Spiritual Paper!   Each emotion has a colored paper attached to it. Anger is Red, Confused is Gray, Sad is Dark Blue, etc -you get the idea. I allow myself to go thru the feeling then put it to the paper color it matches with and allow the emotion/energy to soak into the paper when that’s done I crumple it up and throw it away. This then release what i felt but also by doing this technique I feel its not releasing a full force of Negative Energy out into the environment either. Try it the next time you are dealing with any low frequency energy/emotion and see it it helps. Thanks for reading!

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